Adventures of Knittinmama

Library Student, Knitter, and Mama

#1 – My yahoo avatar February 17, 2008

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Yahoo! AvatarsThis was very fun.  A person could spend way too much time trying out all the options.  I think I got all the elements of mother, knitter, and librarian in there.  The hardest part was posting it to the blog.  I’m using WordPress, rather than the one that 23 Things recommends.  Once I pasted the code under the ‘code’ tab, versus the ‘visual’ tab, it worked.  Seems obvious now. 

One of my classmates had what I think are very valid criticisms of the Yahoo programming.  Ideas of gender are pretty fixed in Yahoo-land.  It would be impossible to put what yahoo has deemed female clothing on a man and vice-versa.  It’s also pretty intent on unrealistic body-images.  I would also like tools for me to build my own backgrounds, clothes, etc.  If it wants to be a 2.0 ap, the users need more input.


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