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My first Web 2.0 nightmare February 17, 2008

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After having class all day Saturday and reading about Dewey-less libraries all evening, I add my first Web 2.0 nightmare.  Literally. 

One of the things we did in class was explore Meebo, an instant messaging site.  I had lots of trouble in class getting it to work.  My computer kept freezing and doing strange things.  It was anything but ‘instant’.  Later that night I played with it on my own computer and successfully added a Meebo widget to my blog.  So far, so good.  Things are looking up for me in Meebo-land.

 Then last night I dreamt that I was part of a scavenger-hunt where a small statue was being hidden in a murky room overgrown with plants.  (Freudians, you have my permission to go wild with this)  First you would be alerted by Meebo that the statue had been re-hidden, then you had to find it and Meebo back the location before actually picking up the statue.  I was never able to report the location successfully and slowly drove myself crazy.  You know how in a dream-  print text never looks the same twice?  This was pure hell.  Plus, at the same time I kept getting messages from my child’s school nurse, that he was sick.

I never discovered exactly who I was contacting.  Perhaps some Meebo-gods….


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