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Reflections on group Dewey/Deweyless YouTube video process April 5, 2008

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This was possibly the most fun I’ve had doing a group project in library school.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I didn’t have to make up a pretend library and then administrate, market, program, or collect materials for it.  At last a tangible project that is based in reality and I can show to prospective employers!

I was really interested in the subject of the Deweyless library.  Not so much so the specifics of what they did, but the feelings that librarians and patrons have when something changes that challenges their idea of what a library is -a slaying of a ‘sacred cow’, so to speak.  I enjoyed going back in time to look at the articles and blog postings that happened last Summer and was surprised that, for such a hot button issue, there was nothing out there since the intital flurry.  I particularily enjoyed the discussion at TechSource.

Technologically, we had a few challenges and many triumphs.  All three of us either got portable video devices or learned to use the ones we had.  I used a digital audio recorder for the first time.  Laurie found great video software online, which I’m sure I will use in the future.  Lastly, my partners saw Marshal Shore, the mastermind behind Maricopa County’s deweyless library, at PLA and got to hear his presentation and ask him some questions.  The resulting video footage made for a more satisfying conclusion than we ever could have writen.

We had difficulty sharing the video file for editing, so unfortunately one person ended up doing the actual production work, but we all shared in getting the raw footage and in conceptualizing the structure of the video.  We also set up a wiki for easy sharing of ideas and photos.  Now that I think of it, we didn’t attempt to share the video through the wiki and instead tried to email it, which didn’t work. 

I’m proud of our result and getting my child in the video was the cherry on top!  (Note his hand-knit sweater)


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